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      15269271688 | +86-532-87808777



      Industrial robot

      Robotic automated packaging and palletizing system, intelligent logistics and warehousing system research and development integration

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      Small machining center

      Robodrill serves various industries such as machinery, auto parts, IT precision parts, precision molds, and models

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      Automatic packing

      The robot packing machine is the perfect solution for packaging into cardboard boxes or any other hard container

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      Welcome To Intson

      Development of innovative industries, intelligent optimization and upgrading

      Qingdao Intson Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is located in Qingdao National High-tech Industrial Development Zone. Relying on the innovation-driven strategy, the pursuit of cutting-edge technology development, and the accumulation of industrial robot application technology, it has become an industrial service enterprise that has earlier expanded logistics automation and industrial robot research and development and system integration..

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